Facilities’ priority is to support the core and critical activities on campus and to support the safety and well-being of our campus community.

Service response times and service levels may be impacted by: 

  • The increasing number of COVID-19 cases in the community, which are causing daily fluctuations in Facilities staffing levels
  • An increase in requests for a variety of services as a result of increasing campus activity for the 2022 Fall Term

All requests are being received, reviewed, and prioritized; however, response times may be longer than normal, service levels may be temporarily impacted, and planned work may be disrupted. 

Facilities Support Services is handling all requests. Please submit a Customer Request through the PAWS Facilities Request channel. 

Operations, Maintenance, and Service

All Facilities Requests will be prioritized and responded to as appropriate:

  • Routine and preventative maintenance remains a core priority for Facilities
  • Critical requests will be prioritized and responded to immediately or as quickly as possible.
    • Critical requests include core operations and maintenance, especially those impacting life/safety systems, or the usability of space for its intended purposes, such as leaks, electrical issues, or ventilation issues.
  • Non-critical requests may have longer than normal response times
    • Non-critical requests include hanging a shelf, whiteboard, painting, keyboard trays, nameplates, etc. 
  • Based on specific situations some requests may be cataloged and dealt with at a later date. If you would like to inquire on whether your request is critical or non-critical, please contact facilities.support@usask.ca

Custodial Operations

Custodial Operations is responsible for the cleaning protocols for public spaces and is providing enhanced cleaning. The team is consistently adjusting cleaning and sanitizing protocols, schedules, and routines as activity changes and new information is available.

Routine cleaning service levels for public areas include:

  • Routine sanitizing of high-touch surfaces such as doorknobs, handrails, and light switches in public areas such as restrooms, hallways, elevators, entrances, and stairwells.
  • Refilling hand sanitizer, soap, and paper towel dispensers in restrooms, labs, and public areas.
  • Restrooms are cleaned daily and are adequately stocked at all times.
  • Public spaces are cleaned daily (main entrances, classrooms in use, labs in use, and clinics spaces in use).
  • Labs (in use) are cleaned daily with a focus on cleaning floors and daily garbage removal.
  • Private offices are cleaned once a week with a focus on cleaning floors, garbage removal, and touchpoints such as light switches and door handle

Requests for additional Custodial service:

Custodial Operations is responsible for the cleaning protocols for public spaces.  Enhanced cleaning and the incremental costs for additional cleaning services, supplies, or training of college and/or unit spaces are the responsibility of the individual college and/or unit. Facilities Support Services is handling all requests. Please submit a Customer Request through the PAWS Facilities Request channel.

Ventilation Systems

The University of Saskatchewan has taken measures with its Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems to reduce the risk of airborne transmission of COVID-19. Campus buildings have a variety of ventilation systems with varying capabilities. Where applicable and equipment allows, the following measures have been implemented:

  • running ventilation systems at or near capacity
  • increased fresh air intake and air exchange rates
  • prioritizing preventative maintenance and filter changes for ventilation systems
  • setting ventilation schedules to run fans before and after normal occupancy hours

USask has implemented many additional health and safety requirements that will remain in place to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 on campus.