Applying for admission

A complete list of graduate programs offered at the University of Saskatchewan can be found at

Each program page contains up-to-date requirements and deadlines for that program.

Submitting documents

Because academic units set their own deadlines for applications and associated documents, it is important that you contact the academic unit to which you have applied (contact info will be on program page) to discuss your situation.

Official documents can be mailed directly from your post-secondary institution in a sealed envelope to the College of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (CGPS), at:

College of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies,
University of Saskatchewan
Room 116 Thorvaldson Building - 110 Science Place
Saskatoon, SK S7N 5C9

Please be aware that there may be delays in processing incoming documents, due to increased safety measures in mail handling procedures.

Alternatively, the College of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies will accept electronic documents to satisfy conditions of admission. Electronic versions of official documents must be emailed to CGPS directly by the issuing institution. Documents being sent by another post-secondary institution to the College of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies should be sent to

If you are unable to have official documents in hard copy or electronic copy sent due to temporary closures at post-secondary institutions, the CGPS will allow registration in your first term study. Official documents must arrive before you will be allowed to continue to your second term of study. To access this exception, you must provide proof that you have ordered/requested transcripts, and proof that those requests are delayed or temporarily denied because of post-secondary closures.

If your university exams will be delayed due to measures enacted to combat COVID-19, please contact the academic unit to which you have applied (contact info will be on program page) to let them know. They will consider your situation and work with you to determine if it will be possible for you to provide your final marks before your intended start term, or if your admission will need to be deferred to a future term (available for many programs, but not all).

English language tests

Please refer to the English language proficiency requirements for graduate programs for an up-to-date list of acceptable proofs of English language proficiency.

Prospective graduate students who do not meet language proficiency requirements for admission may choose to fulfill those requirements by successfully completing the U-Prep program at the University of Saskatchewan Language Centre (USLC).

For students with a conditional admission to most graduate programs, the U-Prep program is an option to study academic English at the University of Saskatchewan before moving directly into their graduate program.

Contact the academic unit to which you have applied (contact info will be on program page) to discuss whether this option is possible.

Admission deferrals

Please contact the academic unit to which you have applied (contact info will be on program page) to determine if deferring admission is possible for your program.

If you currently hold an offer of admission to a graduate program, you should contact the academic unit to which you have applied (contact info will be on program page) to:

  1. Inquire if it is possible for you to begin your studies from where you are already located
    For this to be permitted, any and all coursework must be offered via remote/online delivery, and/or any research activities must be conducted remotely or allow strict social distancing.


  2. Request to defer your admission to a future term
    The decision to allow a deferred admission will remain first at the discretion of the academic unit. Some academic units will not be in a position to allow admission deferrals.

Staff and faculty in each academic unit are working diligently to address the many considerations of our rapidly-evolving circumstances, and may be reaching out to you with information relevant to your specific program.

International students

The Fall term will be delivered remotely for all programs, with a very small amount of exceptions. All graduate students beginning study in the Fall 2020 term should plan to begin studies remotely from where they are located.

Newly admitted international graduate students are currently advised not to travel to Saskatoon to begin their studies. There may be exceptions to this advice for students:

  • Who have a valid study permit, or were approved for a study permit before March 18, 2020
  • Travelling for an essential (non discretionary) purpose
    • For international students non-discretionary would mean you have written documentation that states your studies must be conducted on-site at USask

All foreign nationals who travel to Canada are required to self-isolate for 14 days upon arrival.

Please monitor USask Update for International Students for current information immigration regulations.