Stages of reopening are guided by Provincial recommendations and guidelines, but USask may decide to move more conservatively in some areas to ensure the health and safety of students, faculty and staff.

USask is currently in Stage 3 of reopening.


The PRT's work is guided by a set of principles, one of which is: 

Communicate with our community. We will share our CoVID-19 status, plans, and actions around increased activity with internal and external stakeholders to ensure transparency and timeliness.

Periods of uncertainty and rapid change require clear and ongoing communication, and this comprehensive communications plan will be implemented to ensure the work of the PRT is highly visible and understood throughout the campus community and all stakeholders.

Communications Goals

  • Clearly define the fall/winter/spring/summer scenarios and all campus status changes.

  • Build awareness and understanding to the decision-making parameters and process.

  • Provide clear, concise communications to all target audiences and stakeholders that addresses their respective concerns and questions.

  • Provide consistent messaging in all communications, built from the content on the primary communications channels (single source of content).

  • Design and deliver communication materials that are on brand.


  • Key information will be segmented by “Core” USask audience groups
  • From this key information, appropriate communications will be derived and targeted to the many other USask stakeholder groups

Core Audiences

  • Students
  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Research/Funders
  • Government (all levels)
  • Media/Public


  • Colleges
  • Indigenous students/communities
  • Governing bodies
  • Alumni/Donors
  • Unions
  • Affiliated organizations
  • Suppliers/Contractors

Information to be communicated

  • PRT structure, mandate, and decision-making principles
  • PRT decisions
  • Campus status
  • Academic program changes and details
  • Campus rules and regulations
  • Upcoming changes
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Milestones/timelines:
    • Implementation plan
    • Each reopening phase
    • Other key milestones


  • Primarily weekly updates, with important information or changes posted as required (hourly or daily).


Primary channel for Core Audiences/Stakeholders: The focal point (single source) of all PRT communications will be the COVID-19 Website, supported by email, PAWS, social media, USask News, and on-campus signage
  • Everything that needs to be known about USask plans, actions, and updates will be found on the COVID-19 Site (or linked from it)
  • Secondary channels used when and where appropriate
  • All channels will be utilized as deemed best for each respective audience group


  • PRT COVID-19 Website*
  • Social media
  • Emails
  • PAWS alerts
  • USask News
  • Signage


  • Media releases
  • Person to person call/discussions
  • President's messages (bi-weekly)
  • Op-Eds (as required)
  • Virtual townhalls (as required)
  • Senate/Council/Board presentations
  • College/Huskie websites
  • Off-campus messaging (primarily ads)

Team Composition and Deployment

The PRT Communications Team structure will mirror that of the PRT/PRT Advisory hub:
  • Dedicated communications resources embedded within each primary PRT working group (specific communications resources to be identified)
    • Additional communications resources assigned to support the Advisory Hub and other stakeholder groups
    • Overlap of Core Audiences and Stakeholders responsibilities where appropriate
  • All report into the PRT lead - Communications (AVP, Communications)
  • PRT Communications supported and facilitated with dedicated MS Team site for ongoing updates, files sharing, document storage, etc.
  • Full PRT Communications group meets weekly to ensure coordination and consistency of messaging
  • Central Comms will manage the PRT Updates site, core messaging, and design.

PRT Comms Lead

  • Governing Bodies (OUS)
  • Colleges (College Comms)
  • Indigenous (IE Comms)
  • Researchers & Funding Agencies (OVPR)
  • Operations Affiliate Orgs (Comms)
  • Finance and Resources (Comms)
  • Students and Academics (Comms)
  • COT Health and Safety (Comms)
  • Gov'ts (GR)
  • Media Relations (Comms)
  • Alumni/Donors (Comms)
  • Huskie Athletics (HA)